Views are everything – Virale Videos von Buyral


Eine schöne Parodie auf die “Viral Video Branche”. Es geht um Views Clicks, sonst nix.

Alte Leute, Kinder, alle können engagiert werden. „Once we bypassed the viewing process, a whole world opened up“

Also können auch Ampelschalter, Fahrstuhlknöpfe und ähnliches genutzt werden. Denn: „Views are everything!”. Und irgendwann heisst es: „One day, we won’t need the viewer“. Hauptsache möglichst viele Views, klare Sache 😉


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Sweden’s safest hands – another nice mobile marketing campaign

The Sweds tend to come up with quite a few nice mobile marketing campaigns lately. Remember the MINI Getaway?

Now there is a campaign for the Swedish Post called “Sweden’s safest hands”. Using your iPhone, it’s your task to safely deliver virtual parcels around the city:

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Nice idea, but I really wonder, how these campaigns deliver in terms of actual KPI. As playful and involving as they might be – they seem to be very complicated for reaching a large audience.

It probably wasn’t the intention in the first place. Yet somehow I get the feeling that the viral spread of the case videos are the main objective of the communication strategy…

Nevertheless, I like the playful, gamification aspects of both cases!

Plot Device – a viral product demonstration

Doing a video product demonstration for a video editing software is, one must admit, fairly easy. However, in the short movie “plot device”, the execution ist phenomenal. It could have been easy, but instead the makers of this video put all their efforts into producing a nice story on a shoestring budget:

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And here is how they made it:

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The video went fairly viral with 550k views in 2 months.