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Plot Device – a viral product demonstration

Doing a video product demonstration for a video editing software is, one must admit, fairly easy. However, in the short movie “plot device”, the execution ist phenomenal. It could have been easy, but instead the makers of this video put all their efforts into producing a nice story on a shoestring budget:

YouTube Preview Image

And here is how they made it:

YouTube Preview Image

The video went fairly viral with 550k views in 2 months.

The Magnum Site-to-Site Travel Game

The principle is a simple jump and run game. However in this case, you have to guide the female avatar across a range of well-known sites. From time to time, there are nice animations of the avatar interaction with the site in a surprising way.

Fascinating in terms of selection of sites and interaction with these sites. Not very sticking, though. Once you have visited a few sites, it does get a little boring, since the game play is not very special.

Just wondering: did they really get permission from all those brands to use their site-screenshots in a game? Respect to the account manager arranging all these deals.

Try it yourself: the Magnum Site-to-Site Travel Game.

Doritos and Esteban Ortega

Esteban Ortega used to be a champion flicking chips at targets. In this movie you can see his story:

YouTube Preview Image

On the facebook page you can play a simple game, trying to flick chips yourself.

A nice try to prolong the story from the TVC. Yet, the game is a little to simple to be really fun…

Ballantines streams live artistic events via facebook

I like. Ballantines lets artists create their stuff live, while users can “join in” via twitter and facebook chat on this facebook page.

A live tattooing here:

YouTube Preview Image

Spraypainting here:

YouTube Preview Image

Or some sculturing here:

YouTube Preview Image

Nice idea, I wish I had seen the whole think live. Would have been nice to see the live interaction…

136 of the best slides from presentations held in Cannes

Jesse Desjardins put together 136 of the best Slides from presentations held at Cannes Lions:

Twitter Job Hustle

Another nice idea, similar to the one in which someone launched Google Ads targetted at self-googling Creative Directors.

Just wondering, how many people really regularly visit their own twitter page?

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