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Why do people follow brands?

A question often asked. Here is an info graphic (click on the image to see the full size version):

Coca Cola Facebook Recycling Locations for checking in

Small but smart idea: how did coke get people of Israel to put the coke bottles into recycling bins? They used location based services to show everyone where the recycling bins are. It even demonstrated some game mechanic: whoever checked in most in those locations became recycling king:

YouTube Preview Image

Budweiser temperature related couponing mobile app

This is an interesting idea by Budweiser. the hotter the weather, the better the beer promotion. If it gets really, really hot, you get the bud for free. Otherwise, you get 1€ or 2€ off. The mobile app tells you which rebate is on. (See Adverblog for Screenshots of the app!)

Here is the commercial related to it (enjoy the “old spice” style of the video):

YouTube Preview Image

Jeep Wrangler drive your music

Another car industry idea. With Jeep Wrangler, you can “drive your track“. Just upload your music, have the sound waves analysed and find out about the hill scape suitable for your music taste. Nice little gadgety idea…

YouTube Preview Image

Minimaps driving challenge with facebook and google maps

This one looks interesting. So obvious, the idea, yet really well done! You can drive a mini on a google map anywhere in the world:

YouTube Preview Image

You can even drive it in Hamburg. Also, it displays the correct time of the day, when at night, like now, the map is darker and the mini has its headlights switched on. Since it is on facebook, you can apparently also challenge your friends in a race (I haven’t tried that myself yet).

Diesel Excelbook

A rather clever idea by Diesel Guatemala>

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