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The fourth screen

It’s an advert, but the message is generic. Any competitor of Nokia, especially Apple with the iPhone could have said the same. The underlying idea, though, is fascinating. And very true, in my opinion. Just give it a few years until a majority owns mobile devices of that kind.

New “State of the Blogosphere, 2008″

It seems to me like it’s been a long time since the last state of the blogosphere analysis of technorati. I think the last one must have been early 2007.

In the new publication, they offer much more insight than they used to. They conducted a survey amongst bloggers:

For the first time, we surveyed bloggers directly about the role of blogging in their lives, the tools, time, and resources used to produce their blogs, and how blogging has impacted them personally, professionally, and financially. Our bloggers were generous with their thoughts and insights.

The whole publication is split into 5 daily segments, but I look particularly forward to day 5, when they seem to publish information about brands entering the blogosphere. Here is a breakdown of the 5 segments:

    Day 1: Who Are the Bloggers?
    Day 2: The What And Why of Blogging
    Day 3: The How of Blogging
    Day 4: Blogging For Profit
    Day 5: Brands Enter The Blogosphere

Follow the virgin? It’s up to you!

Websites based on fullscreen video seem to be really trendy at the moment! Agent Provocateur now released an interactive fullscreen video experience in which you can choose how you want each scene to continue. There isn’t much story to it, but hey…

I like these interactive videos where you get to choose how it continues.

Wishlist for the agency of the future

Just a quick pointer: Sapient sponsored a survey in the US asking marketers, what they want from their agencies in the future. Here is the top 10 list of things:

  1. A greater knowledge of digital space
  2. More use of “pull interactions”
  3. Leverage virtual communities
  4. Agency executives using the technology they are recommending
  5. Chief Digital Officers make agencies more appealing
  6. Web 2.0 and social media savvy
  7. Agencies that understand consumer behavior
  8. Demonstrate strategic thinking
  9. Branding and creative capabilities
  10. Ability to measure success

There is some more detail to these points at the sapient website.

Funny Agency Promotion Video

A new agency promotion for the agency “la red” from Hamburg, Germany (it’s in German, sorry dear international readers). The character is one of the main characters from the German version of the TV Show “the office”, which is called Stromberg over here. Also check out the outtakes over here.

A long list of social media practises

Vacation time is over. I had a fantastic trip along the west coast of the US and throughout several national parks. You can find lots of photos on my flickr stream.

Anyway, back to the daily routine. The first link I found scanning the 2.000+ unread feeds is leading to
Peter Kim’s list of Social Media practises. It’s a very long list of very many different Social Media projects that are best practise, some practise, and sometimes only “practise”. Nevertheless, a good resource, when looking for cases for any type of industry.

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