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Chris Anderson on the Mainstream Media Meltdown

A couple of times a year (well, the last time seems to have been in November 2005) Chris Anderson looks at the statistics of media usage, budgets, etc. all relevant to his topic of the long tail, and how the media landscape changes…

All Things 2.0

An interesting list about all 2.0 websites, tools, services etc. can be found at the “Sacred Cow Dung”: All Things Web 2.0 – “THE LIST”.

Nevermind not having heard of most sites/services even though I consider myself not completely ignorant, I also think this isn’t even complete. It is already very long, but some services are missing: For one, because this list covers, from what I could see, only US or at least english-language services. And I know of quite a few German examples, so it would be safe to assume that there is an abundance of new sites out there – let’s hope this isn’t bubble 2.0 as some already claim… Pitching for SUBWAY

Now I am a bit late posting about this one, but I wanted it to be part of my web-log nevertheless. hast been widely discussed in blogs in the last couple of days, because of a pitch-video the posted at YouTube instead of just sending it in:

And Coudal put up a very short response video, mainly because they are currently pitching for a competitor of subways.

Disregarding all the positive or negative chatter on the web about these two approaches, I think we will see a lot more of this kind of quarrel. In fact, many things that were written or vocal discusssions (at conferences, for example) will turn into video discussions, with platforms like YouTube feeding the viral long tail of the discussion.

Coca-Cola and the CGM Side of Life

Clickz writes, that Coca-Cola tries the CGM side of marketing life:

The site launch is part of the company’s global “Coke Side of Life” campaign. A series of monthly challenges will encourage people around the world to create videos in response to a theme. The first challenge on the site, “The Essence of You,” is drawn from Wieden Kennedy’s advertising for the client. “If you could bottle the essence of you and share it with the world, what story would you tell?” asks the site.

They are aparently trying to get a global perspective on the whole CGM thing, let’s see, it sound interesting nevertheless.

I want one of those!

Incredible, these interactive screens, as presented by Jeff Han!
Now some of the magic is, of course, software or data availably through NASA, that could bring fascination even to regular screens. But the way you interact with it becomes so much more intuitive!

I want one of those. Sometime. When they are in a price range suitable for the average household…

The Day of the Longtail

Someone put together a video to go along with the fairly new release of Chris Andersons book “The Long Tail“, which I am now reading, that I finished Joe Jaffes LA30, taking part in his UNMTPNM (yes, it has taken me a while, and it’s a great book! – I will post a review soon, Joe).

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